Change in me

A man may move the world

But only one can move his thought

A woman can change the world

But only one can change her heart…


O lonely land

ireland17O lonely land

O lonely sea

Left behind  timeless

Your trees left behind fruitless

The earth brown and scorching

The stones leaning frozen

Shadows left dancing

Memories broken

O lonely land

O lonely sea

Fairies are crying

Faith torn and fighting

Children are waiting

Legends are whispering…

O lonely land

Open your hand

O lonely sea

Come and embrace me

And never again be lonely, O my beautiful land

I write

I write from the inspirations that emotions and events bring to me

I write from the energy that pulls me to create words that dictate meanings to different hearts

I write from the time that is, shall be, and will be as it is said from above and so below

I write the music that turns into a language divided by colors and shadows

I write from a longing as it is prayed in the silence of the hour

I write from a plain where i walk with the one that we call  creator

I write from love of a heart that is Immaculate that my mother owns

An excerpt from a letter

The Lover of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

As I said to you before that I’m serving God thru the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary until now, in which you never believe me and I cannot blame you for that, for you are living in a Material World and I am not. As human as I am I can never forget all the things you have done to me in my journey to serve God, for all the pain that I suffered- it is so painful, but yet I give thanks to God for giving me the strength to accept everything for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and for the Glory of God. That is really how I Conquer Evil and Triumph the Immaculate Heart of Mary on this world- to forgive and never to forget, for it is a lesson to learn and to gain wisdom on this world.

Now I’m picking up all the fruits…

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Beliefs and myths

My beliefs are so many that I will have to update this post when I remember something.  :p  I first believe in God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Power and love that she can intercede for mankind. And then I believed in Fairies and Gnomes that lived in our house and gardens and everywhere they might make their home, I believed in witches who can cure and can also curse. I believed in Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. I wasn’t sure if there was something in between those called ‘Limbo’. I was afraid to believe in the Greek Gods whose stories (myth) I adored but I really wanted to ,only the fear of burning in hell was stopping me (happens when you are a Roman Catholic).

Now, after I left being a Roman Catholic- I believed in a Father and Mother God. I still believe in what I wrote above and now I am free to believe that Zeus existed and there are actually a multitude of these so-called Gods and their powers depends upon their place in the hierarchy, though the Term ‘God’ may be politically incorrect. But in my own interpretation a ‘God’ is someone powerful and is a creator i.e.  You call the people who created you as-parents, and who created them-grandparents, and who created mankind- God.

After a few years I came across another belief system and it no longer confined me to our planetary existence but my mind became open to receive new information about the Universe, that we are not alone. And that it has never been “The search for intelligent life on other planets” but more on “The search for intelligent life on planet Earth”.

To be continued…or improvised…stay tuned! 🙂